Śledzenie przesyłek - Tracking

By selecting the tracking option you can check the current status of your shipment, both of Poczta Polska as well as foreign operators.

Poczta Polska S.A. makes available Certified Customs Declaration not earlier than 7 calendar days after delivery or collection.

Below are links to web pages where you can track shipments beyond Polish borders:

In order to to find registered shipment, please type in the box the number (for example: 0015900773312345678, PX0000000013, RR123456789PL, CP123456789PL, VV123456789PL, EE123456789PL) listed on the postal receipt, without any spaces or parentheses, and press [Search].

If the number is incorrect or the system does not list a shipment with the specified number, the following message will be displayed:

The given package number is incorrect


If no number is typed in the box, the following message will be displayed:

Please give the package number


If the number is correct, the shipping information and event log for the parcel will be displayed. If the shipping information does not conform to the information on the postal receipt, please check if you have entered the number correctly.

The system currently provides information about the following types of shipments:

  1. domestic:
    1. postal parcel,
    2. POCZTEX,
    3. cash on delivery package,
    4. declared value packages,
  2. international:
    1. EMS,
    2. postal parcel.


In the case of registered letters, only dispatch and delivery date may be displayed, without tracking information.

The information displayed is for reference only and may not constitute the basis for any claim against Poczta Polska.

All questions related to the tracking of shipments and search system can be submitted by e-mail: kontakt@poczta-polska.pl

Poczta Polska S.A. provides network service (web service) which may be used to create applications for tracking postal shipments. The service is availbale at: http://tt.poczta-polska.pl.

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